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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Accident, here it comes, sleep-over over

If you remember my note from yesterday about taking the dogs to the vet on Bridgeport, I had my doubts about the efficacy of transporting the dogs in the bad of the truck and it turned out that my doubts were justified. Kobe jumped out of the truck shortly after they got started. Fortunately it happened on our road so Mama was not up to full highway speed but it did injure Kobe to the point where she is barely able to move. Mama and Victoria are giving her Ibuprofen for pain and monitoring her progress.

I looked her over this morning as I left the house and she is alert and happy for the attention but I did not get her to move. Based on her movements last night – she was limping pretty badly – I expect she will be very limited in movement this morning. I advised Victoria to get some more pain meds down her as soon as she was up this morning. We will see how she recovers from here but I do not foresee any major complications.

Meanwhile, Kira, who should go into heat this month, continues to get out of the back yard despite our best efforts to keep her in. At some point I am going to replace the fencing, which has surpassed its normal life expectancy – but not right now. For the moment we have to hope we are far enough from any potential suitors to keep her safe from any unwelcome males while Mama and Victoria set up a union with Kim Cantrell’s dog, Leo.

At work yesterday the long awaited announcements on the upper levels of our org structure started coming out. Through the day we got a total of five emails, one of which announced the upper structure for my current organization. It was a bit of a surprise. My current boss is not on the new org chart in much the same way I will not be. His position has been eliminated. Through the next week decisions will be made to flesh out the structure down through the remainder of the organization.

I asked my boss this morning how that was going to work. If I see the org chart and it is obvious I am not on it, will I be met at my office that morning and escorted out of the building? Will the layoffs happen en mass at a scheduled time? Will we all be sitting around for two weeks dreading coming to our last day of work without knowing what day that will actually be? I am relatively well prepared but many of my colleagues are not. Many in the Houston office (500-600 are scheduled to be released from that office) are unsure how to prepare. It is going to be a rough two or three weeks.

We took Gracie and Joseph to church with us last night where they were reunited with their parents. Gracie was very reluctant to give up her room at the house and Joseph was reluctant to give up the easy access to the outdoors that the house offers. It was a sad goodbye for him especially when he was buckled into his parent’s vehicle last night. He cried after Victoria, but only halfheartedly.

For dinner last night Mama and Victoria experimented with one of our bread makers and made pizza dough. It turned out well enough that we will definitely do that again.


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