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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Busy days

Norman and Seth left for West Virginia this morning. They were a full week working on Victoria’s house, buying Seth a truck, finding a place in the area to rent when they do permanently relocate and surveying the area for prospective work. It was full week for the two of them and I believe they felt it was a good use of the time they gave to it. There are multiple projects that are waiting on them back home and they felt constrained to get back so they could complete those projects before the end of the year. That may turn out to be a very tall order since Norman is heading to the Ukraine in early December for a ten day stay.

Grandma, Grandpa and Mocha stayed in Chico with us and are settled into their room for the moment. I am not sure of the plan going forward but Normand and Grandpa laid out a plan for remodeling Victoria’s house and it looks like a very good plan. Victoria is very excited about it but I am not sure how soon the work will commence or how long it will take since Grandpa will be doing the work pretty much by himself – except when Victoria is off, or when I am available.

Lee Davis asked me to work full time for him in his plumbing business and in light of the fact that there is nothing else available at the moment I agreed. It will leave me free every Saturday to work at the farm but it puts a damper on the progress I was making on Mama’s coop building. So we are back to the common theme in life; when I have the time I do not have the money and when I have the money I do not have the time.

Norman did give me a contact from his travels here. The realtor in Sanger, TX where they looked at a rental property told him about one oil company in Denton that was hiring all positions and begging for leads on prospects for that initiative. I will be calling him this morning when I get a break from work. Bear in mind that things are often embellished when retold, but you never know where the Lord will meet your need from.

Plumbing is an interesting variety of work; from digging ditches to repairing roofs. I have enjoyed the work so far mostly because it has such variety and for the most part Lee is good to work with but we have been on half-day and full-day jobs for the time I have been helping. We will see how driven he is when it comes to pushing through the little jobs – the six repairs a day kind of work - and still try to make money. After all, he has a business to run.

So between working with Lee, finishing the coop building and the equipment shed, making upgrades and repairs to our home we have the added project of the remodel at Victoria’s. Throw in the holidays and all that accompanies these end of year events and it begins to look like it could be a fun time going forward.

I am looking forward to it – mostly.



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