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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Productive times, big plans

Yesterday was a bit more productive than Monday had been. I got to work on the coop building very soon after I got up – which was not too early since I took half a muscle relaxer at bedtime the night before. I got the east wall mostly done and was at a point that I needed to place the long back wall into place on the foundation to continue. I was completely out of two by fours but I had the rafters sitting in my small lumber pile.

I had been waiting for Victoria to be off so she could help me get the wall into place but I am working for Lee Davis today – Victoria’s day off – and I did not want to be delayed further. So I loosened the braces that were steadying the wall about six inches off of the foundation and carefully scooted it into place; being careful to lift it onto the linoleum when I got to that point. It took me a bit of time to get it done (it is thirty two feet long) but I got it in lace and anchored it to the center wall and the east wall. I got five of the ten rafters in place before I had to quit.

I took a bit of time to redo the steps so that they are a bit more functional – for Mama’s sake. Now I am at the point that I need the roofing material. I will be calling Rex Cobb at BBI to see if he can spare some of the metal removed from the church roofs which we donated to BBTI. I am fairly certain that it is more than they need but I will not know until I do ask. If not, I will order the metal from a place in Bridgeport and have the roof on sometime next week.

We are forecast to have heavy flooding rains Friday but things clear up for a few days after that. We are in one of those weather patterns that bring rain every weekend. That would be more frustrating if I was working fulltime, but at the moment that is not the case.

Last night I took Mama to a ladies meeting at the church. While she was there I worked on Victoria’s laptop in the hope of getting some revisions made to my resume but that did not work out. She does not have Office on her laptop so I moved to listening to some training videos and eventually started an update to Windows 10. (I hope that was a good move.)

The update to the new operating system took all the time I was there and then some. Mama and I went to Wal-Mart after her meeting was over – about 9 pm – and came back to the church, where I had left the computer, only to wait another ten minutes or so for the update to finalize. As I go forward using the laptop I will know if that was a good move or not.

Grandma and Grandpa, Norman and Seth are due to arrive this evening. They made it to Union City last night. That is about the halfway point for them. They drove in the rain all day yesterday – which frustrated and really wore out Grandpa. Hopefully, they will have better weather for the remainder of the drive today.

They have pretty ambitious plans of getting the roof on Victoria’s little house in one day. We will see how that goes. Things look much easier from the ground when it comes to putting on a roof. I happen to be very aware of how steep her roof is and how slowly they will have to move to get the metal attached. But there will be three of them (at least) in the crew.

If I am available to help it will be from the ground – Mama will see to that.


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