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Friday, June 16, 2017

Mama’s tough life, backup, first time catch

Soon after I got home yesterday evening, I called Mama to see what she and Victoria and Brittany were into. Victoria picked up the phone to answer. She told me Mama was just getting out of the pool so she had to dry off a little before she could talk. When she did come pick up the phone I apologized for having given her such a tough life; traveling, sitting poolside, shopping, etc. She gave me her, “Yeah, right”, return comments before she launched off into her “newfound” project of finding out just how much it would cost to put in a pool at the farm. Every summer this becomes a topic of discussion. I have to admit that I like the idea of owning a pool, having it ready for me to cool off every summer evening.

I just do not like the idea of maintaining it. For the few hours a month spent enjoying it, there are countless hours keeping it clean, chemically balanced and secured from non-invited animal guests – toads, mice and rats, the occasional opossum, etc. Then there is the money associated with the constant upkeep whether you do it yourself or pay someone else to do it. So, we will work through the numbers and talk about it until the weather is too cool to actually enjoy it. Buying me another year without it. It was blistering hot last night…but a shower worked just as well to cool me down. That water was free of chemicals.

Mama and Victoria will be headed home this afternoon. I know the animals will be very happy to see her again. Especially the inside dogs. I have fed them, but not the way Mama does. She takes time to pour additional things over their food and mix it in with the dog food before she sets it out for them to eat. I figure they are dogs. They can eat dog food – so, that’s what I put out for them. So far, they have not eaten more than a few bites of the food I have given them without the treats. I guess it would take a full week or so for them to be hungry enough to eat the food plain. Tonight, their patience and stubbornness will be rewarded; especially if I tell Mama that that same food has been in their since she put it out Wednesday morning.

Grandma and Grandpa have been coming over late morning or early afternoon to let the dogs out because Mama and Victoria were worried that the additional two hours of my schedule to let them out before I left for work and then again when I get home was too much for them to bear. I do not see it but they were sufficiently concerned to call in backup. I don’t mind. I think Grandma enjoys getting Grandpa out for the trip. He does not range very far afield these days. Grandma will drive out two tanks of gas a week just running about. If it were up to Grandpa, a tank of gas would last a month, but they get by and they seem to enjoy what they have. What more can you ask?

This morning as I went into the well house to get feed for the goats I saw that the trap I leave at that door was closed. I did not immediately see anything in the trap which is not unusual because a rat will crowd under the closed door of the trap to hide. For that reason, I normally have to lift the trap to see what is inside. This morning was a first. Inside the trap was an enormous toad. I took the time to let him out before I scooped the feed I needed for the goats but later had to get the toad back out of the well house. He had gone back in while I was tending to the goats and rabbits in the goat barn. I guess that little tunnel the rats created in the door jamb was just too attractive to him.

It is on my schedule to repair the jamb but it is not a priority, especially when catching critters – even cold-blooded ones -  in the trap is so much fun.


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