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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Time’s march, VBS news

This year is almost half over. It is hard to comprehend just how fast the months go by. At this point in time, I suppose Brittany has the best grasp on the issue of time’s unrelenting march forward as she approaches the delivery date of the twins and the increasing overcrowding problem her womb is experiencing daily. But I also think of all my grandchildren and just how quickly they are growing up. I will not be too long until all of us get together and lament the fact that we did not take better notes of the funny incidents that passed by before us as they grew; of the funny way words were used as they learned to navigate everyday English; as life touched them and taught them one valuable lesson after another. Sadly, we will remember only a very small fraction of those times.

With the advent of Facebook and Marco Polo I am left out of most of those daily stories because once it is shared amongst the registered users in my family, one moment is quickly forgotten as one just a humorous replaces it in the queue. Mama had me sign up for Marco Polo but after I got the fiftieth alert (within two days) that someone was available or someone was sending a video or someone had just joined our ever-expanding group, I deleted it from my phone. I want to stay connected but I am not looking for another full-time job. If you have something to share, give me a call. I’d love to chat. I cannot find the emotional energy to live life 177 characters or 1 MB or less at a time.

VBS last night was well done. (It was live and in person.) This is the first time Bro Zach has done a Vacation Bible School. Sadly, last night is the only night I will get to go since I will be leaving town this afternoon. From what I saw, he was doing a great job. The theme is Hudson Taylor: Missionary to China. Last night for the skit, three teens were in a johnboat mounted on two furniture dolly’s sailing through the pretend waters of the South Pacific on their way to China. Being stalled (becalmed) at sea and drifting to an island where the natives were cannibals, God’s answer to the prayers of Hudson Taylor saved them from certain death. The kids – all 115 of them -  were enthralled by the skit. The thought of defenselessly drifting toward certain death and then be rescued by God was a powerful story. The only issue was that the boat, being propelled by three teen boys on their knees, had difficulty getting out along the left side of the auditorium.

Later, Bro Zach had the “Karate Kid” come up and give a demonstration for the kids. Even though karate has more of a Japanese heritage than Chinese, it worked for the kids in attendance. One of our teens is a Black Belt in some form of karate and he demonstrated breaking boards with a kick and a karate chop. The boys were especially attentive. Bro Zach had his sign the broken portions of board and gave them out as prizes to the most well behaved. As I understand it, tonight, the Karate Kid’s sister will give a demonstration of her kicking and chopping powers – along with a demonstration of the use of the Sai, a three pronged metal baton.
I hate to miss.


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