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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Building and business

I began work on our goat barn this morning and was able to get further than I thought I would. I started with the idea that I would maybe get three of the six 4x4’s in place with the 2x6 top rail attached but I was able to get all six posts set and the 2x6’s strung for what will be the bottom of the loft.

Lindy Lumen and her children came out for a visit Mama when I was about halfway through what I was able to finally complete. I had asked Mama to alert me when it was 12 pm so I could wrap things up and move on to my training but when she and our visitors went out to feed Boomer, our male bottle baby, I knew I had been forgotten. Boomer gets his second feeding at noon each day.

But I did get remembered when Mama found a hatchling with the hen sitting in the Banty house. Mama was getting pecked too badly to get to the chick so Daddy had to come to the rescue. That brings our total to five Banty hatchlings since the process began about a week ago. The mean mother hen is still sitting on six eggs. So there is an expectation of a few more chicks in the next several days.

I was a sweaty mess when I came in to get showered and changed to go to the church and work on my internet marketing assignments. I offered Mama a loving hug but she flatly refused - in front of our visitors. I was stung to the core.

Lindy is trying to get a milti-level marketing business of the ground so when Mama told her just the little she knows about the business I am starting Lindy was very interested.. She left her email with Mama and asked if she could be one of the first ones to get an email when I have my website set up. When the choice is between making one hundred ten dollar commissions to make one thousand dollars or making just one sale to make a one thousand dollar commission, the choice is pretty obvious.

I got in about three full hours before I had to vacate the old fellowship hall so the ladies could set up for a ladies meeting this evening but in that time I had finally completed all the required 21 steps of training to get my online marketing business up and running. 
Tomorrow I should be set up with the web landing page that will allow me to market the training products offered by this company. I am ready.

How soon will I start making sales and the related commissions? We’ll see.  


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