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Thursday, June 30, 2016


I am making pretty good headway on the goat barn. I got all the heavy sheets of 3/4” treated plywood up onto the loft joists last night before I quit and this morning as I was putting the last two pieces of plywood - both of which required special cuts and therefore careful measurements I fell through the joists. (Pictured is the center of the barn.)

I was making my way to the far corner where I was going to measure for the opening to the loft and stepped on a 2x6 that I had not fastened to the stringer when I was putting them up. I caught myself with both arms and across my chest before I let go and dropped to the ground. It pretty much knocked the wind out of me.

It was only when I got back from kneeling on the ground that I realized that I had bounced off of the supporting 4x4 in the center of the building.

I have an abrasion that covers my entire chest and both arm pits from left to right or vice versa depending on your orientation. I am not confident that I did not break a rib because the constant state of pain is impressive. It does not hurt to breathe but it does to cough.

The knot on my hip looks like someone hit me with a baseball bat. It is more limiting than the pain across my chest. Mama asked me if I wanted her to take a picture but I told her to hold off until the bruising peaks. It will look far more manly at that point. Tomorrow should be fun as the swelling sets in overnight.

I was headed to the church to work on my business training when Mama was getting in from taking a cow manure sample to the vet. Daisy needed to be checked out to determine if the worming she got a couple weeks ago had killed off the infestation that is keeping her too thin. So Mama fed the cows this morning and waited in the barn lot for Daisy to poop. Her intention was to catch the fresh offal as it fell but I advised her against that so the sample she obtained was fresh but dirty. The vet was okay with that.
It was while she was waiting for Daisy to give her a sample that I failed my little gravity challenge. So far, gravity has won every time; albeit, with more wounding this time than I have had in many years.

Anyway, I had to work from home today since the internet was nonfunctioning all across our area. (Mama found that out as she was at the feed store on her way home from the vet.) Working from home is not nearly as productive, on many levels, as when I am able to put in several hours at the church. But it was better than nothing and Mama got to hear some of the training I am getting on “traffic”. 

This evening we walked the goats into the lot I have been setting up for them. Initially they were excited about the new digs but as the night has crept upon us they are less excited because I do not have a building that they can hide in for the night. Mama and I put out the dog Igloo and a large crate for them to shelter in but they do not seem enthused about the accommodations.

Hopefully they will adapt.


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