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Friday, February 17, 2017

Farm life, making it count

Yesterday evening was the first time Mama and I had had to work outside in quite a few days and we used every minute of daylight and a few minutes after dark. Mama had bought feed on Monday afternoon and last night I was able to get some of it put into containers for storage and use. I do not like to leave it is the garage for too long because it will eventually draw mice and rats. We have a number of barrels set up – mostly at the coop – to store the bags of feed so it is easier to get to during the morning feeding times; when Mama needs to be efficient due to time constraints. For the cattle feed we have an old freezer laid on its back in the barn and it is able to hold ten to twelve sacks of feed. That helps. We also took time last night to clean the coops. I am not sure how long it has been but they were in desperate need of cleaning. While we worked on that we let the chickens out of the coop yard into the open space around the coop. They acted like they were on a mission to raid a candy store. I guess they really enjoy getting out to new areas to scratch and peck. It was only an hour or so before dark, but they made the most of the freedom. Before dark they were all back in their places on the roost. I believe this was the first time we have ever let them out en masse. It was a successful experiment overall. They will be less hesitant next time we open the gates.

Before it got too dark, I took the time to check all the fruit tree we have on the farm. They are all getting ready for spring. Most have very little buds ready and several have leaves opening on the tips of the branches. Even the little plum trees I got from Daniel Wycoff are getting ready to leaf out. The move does not seem to have bothered them too much. I do know that the ground we have them in will be much better that the black clay we dug them out of. Peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, apricots, figs, and blueberries are all ready to bud out. The blackberries and black raspberries are coming along well also. Even the grapefruit tree I have in a large pot is blooming out. I hope to actually have a grapefruit or two on that tree this year. The asparagus are sending out shoots already. Life is coming back to the farm. Now Mama and I need to get busy on the garden; at least getting the potatoes out. Fortunately, I will have Monday off so I can begin a couple projects, or continue a couple projects, whichever way you look at it. Honestly, I need to finish a project before I take on another one.

I told Mama the other day that I have this nagging feeling that I am missing something but the feeling usually stems from the pressure I feel at having so many things undone. Either there is a lack of money or there is a lack of time – at the moment both lacks are in play. This persistent cough, the trouble I am having just breathing, add to the frustration. It seems our schedule just keeps filling up. This weekend we have bus calling Saturday morning and a Saturday evening banquet to go to at the church. Then we have revival services through Wednesday evening. Additionally, we have had to travel lately – a lot. First to Temple for that weekend visit, then to Wichita to get Brittany. Next weekend we have to travel to Chappell Hill for Dad’s memorial service, followed by a trip back to Wichita Sunday afternoon to drop Brittany off for her flight home. I would not change any of it because those contacts take care of the important things in life, but they do eat up a lot of time.

CT Studd said many years ago, in a poem, “Only one life, twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.” The same is true about relationships. Having a finished well house, goat barn, shop building, etc. will not be what I am remembered by. It is not what I want to be remembered by. So, projects will wait until there is free time to complete them and Mama and I will concentrate on building and keeping lasting relationships with those who need our attention.

We have only one life to give and I want to use it where it will count the most.


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