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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Busy June schedule

If their schedule holds true, Brittany and Andrew should be in tomorrow. They are vacating Altus, OK and packing to relocate to England. They have several things to do before then but that is the overarching goal. They will be with us on and off until the middle of the month – about the same time Alfredo and his wife come for a visit. It is going to be a busy month for me and Mama.

Meanwhile, Victoria is planning to leave for Pace, Florida this weekend. She has gotten a leave of absence from Walmart and will be staying with Cori, Nate and the kids to help Cori through the next couple of weeks. I have not heard how long she plans to stay but Mama is quite jealous. Mama hopes Victoria will bring the grandkids back with her so she can have them for a week or so when Cori is in the final weeks of her pregnancy.

Speaking of pregnancies, Maggie is doing fine in her second pregnancy. Mama and I will be heading that direction at the end of the month to be with her and Aaron and Cathryn when Walter is born. Mama planned more days there than I would have originally liked but that is how her mind works. Not that I do not want to be with Maggie and Aaron and the children. I just hate to come back to work after being gone that long and try to catch up with everything. To my way of thinking, ten days would have been better than the seventeen she has set up for the trip. We will enjoy it none the less. It will just give us more time to explore Juneau and the surrounding area.

Alfredo will only be here for the weekend of Father’s Day. He made the travel arrangements to fit in with a business trip he was required to make for the company he manages so it will be quite brief. Joshua is traveling up to join in the reunion so we should have a great time together. Joshua will have to leave Sunday afternoon due to his work schedule. We will take Alfredo and his wife to the airport Monday morning and have to return to the same airport the next morning to fly to Alaska. All in all, we will make five trips to the airport this month.

In light of all the extra attention the house and farm will get this month, Mama and I are working to get things set up at the farm and in the home to prepare for both the arrival of visitors and our departure following the visit. It has quickly become a very full month. Adding to the hectic schedule is the travel I have to do for my work. It will all work out but we are scrambling right now.

On the bright side, our barn will be empty in our absence since Daisy and Dash will be in the pasture next door. Still, Victoria will have all the dogs, the chickens and the pigs to tend to in Mama’s absence. We were hoping Grandma and Grandpa would be back this month but it does not look like they are planning on returning until the middle of July – depending on how many “good” jobs Norman lines up.

Grandma says this will be the last time they make this trip but that remains to be seen.


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