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Monday, June 15, 2015

Victoria’s car, Danny’s fall,

I left work early Friday to help Mama get Victoria’s car back to the mechanic. Even though he had replaced the part we all believed to be the one causing us trouble the problem repeated itself as Mama drove the car that morning. He has an idea what to do next and I hope he can make the final repairs, but we will have to wait and see.

While we were out that way we decided to go look at the old farm in Bowie. We were very surprised when we got there. The mobile home was gone. We knew it had been sold. What caught our attention was that the shop roof was missing some pieces of metal. It looked like a storm had blown through and caused a good bit of damage. Since there was a ladder set up I used it to look at the roof.

Several sheets of metal roofing were completely gone and several more were damaged but one in particular alarmed me. Just past the laundry room a sheet of roofing was caved into the shop; as if someone had fallen through. I called Danny Benson and found out that is exactly what happened.

While he and a friend were making repairs he stepped wrong and fell through the roof onto the concrete floor of the shop- about twenty feet below. He was very lucky (blessed) in that he ended up with a broken arm and nothing more. He told me he remembered being on the roof but he does not remember the fall – only that he woke in the hospital. He did hit his head but there was no evidence of a concussion. Praise the Lord!

He’s quite a guy. In all this he is praising the Lord for the good friends that checked up on him when they did not see him at the farm, for the obvious protection he had from the Lord in the fall, and for the time he has now to spend with his daughter. He will heal quickly and be back at work too soon for his liking. God is good.

After we got home Friday afternoon I took apart a portion of fence so I could get the tractor into the yard. Once I had the tractor in place I moved the mound of dirt that had been taken out of the hole in the patio for our koi pond back into the hole to fill it back in. With the gooey mud I discovered I the bottom of the hole I knew it would not support the water required to fill it and make it my koi pond. Oh, well. The yard looks completely different without the dirt mountain there.

Even though I moved all of the pile back into the hole it was not enough to fill the hole completely. I will have to move more dirt from another mound that was left for us to get the hole filled to the level I need. Then I will put gravel on top of the dirt to prepare for concrete – at some point. The koi pond will reside somewhere else.

When I got to the office this morning there was more activity than normal. I did not know we had visitors this morning. That is not a problem but the man who was supposed to let them in the building locked himself out when he went back to his car for a second load of equipment. He met me at the door this morning to get back in.

Once in the office another of my fellow office mates sought me out to unlock a door for him so he could find a spare key to his office door. He had left the house without his set of keys.

It’s a good thing I did not take today off.


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