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Friday, June 5, 2015

Garden work, Mama’s business, Victoria

Last night, after five days without rain, the ground had finally dried out enough that we could get in the garden and work. Mama has been worried over the potatoes for a couple weeks now so last night we dug them up. Her concerns were justified. We had some rotten ones among the lot but overall we got a pretty good crop. Much longer in the moist ground and we would have lost them all.

We put out five short rows and they looked very good until a week ago when the plants started to die off quickly. But, like I said, it had been way too wet to get into the garden to dig them up. We ended up getting about twenty pounds of potatoes per row. So, even with a few rotten ones, which had a very sickening odor and snotty consistency - Mama and Victoria thoroughly enjoyed that part -we did pretty well. By next week we will have to water the remaining vegetable plants.

Our neighbor got tied up last night so he did not get the chance to come to get Daisy and Dash. He left us a message that he will be over on Saturday morning to get the pair and put them with his herd for a couple months. He cuts hay as a side business and with the dry weather we are having he is going to be very busy for the next several weeks. Hopefully, his bull will too.

Mama has started quite a business selling eggs. There are five or six very regular customers at work and the Chinese restaurant we have occasionally gone to will buy all that we can bring them. At first they fed them only to their toddler but now, they tell us, there are enough that everyone in the family can eat them. They are quite fond of them. As for the people at work that we sell them to, there is sometimes a friendly quarrel over who gets the available eggs when I bring them to sell.

Mama was very excited the other evening when I took her to buy feed for the chickens and pig. She told the lady that runs the feed store (a friend from church) that she was using her egg money to make the purchase. Both of them let out a celebratory cheer. Of the $47 needed she was only $.85 short. Not bad at all.

Mama and Victoria were in town yesterday to get the camera from Danny and to print the photos they will need to make a collage for Danny as a thank you. On the way home Victoria’s car had the same malfunction that we thought we might have fixed. So it will go back to the shop for a real repair. That will preclude her taking it to Florida this weekend.

That being said, Mama and I have to make the decision to loan her the truck to make the trip. At first I was opposed to the idea. The truck is almost essential to us for use on the farm, but I hate to deny Victoria the trip she exercised so much effort in setting up. So Mama and I will do without it for a couple weeks. It only serves to add to the stress of a single woman making such a trip – in my only truck, Mama’s favorite vehicle, her mechanical pal.

We will pray and trust the Lord. It all belongs to Him.


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