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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Timing, close encounters, needy people

Maggie and Mama are a little worried about the timing of Walter’s birth. It could very possibly extend past the time we are scheduled to be here- and that would leave Mama most upset. So I asked Maggie yesterday if she would mind us praying that the baby comes tomorrow night. Of course, she is okay with that. I fully realize we are not in control of the timing. It’s all in God’s hands. On the other hand, it never hurts to ask.

Yesterday evening Aaron and I went for a two mile walk on one of the trails at the end of their road. It roughly follows the base of the mountain so it curves along toward the national park where the glacier meets the lake. It was raining off and on so we were wearing rain gear under which I tucked Victoria’s camera in case we found something photo worthy – which we almost always do.

We took a couple side trails for very short distances but stuck to the prepared and maintained trail for the most part. I was on the lookout for wildlife and interesting plants. We saw nothing out of the ordinary on the way out but we did stop to pick wild blueberries and an interesting raspberry that they call salmon berries. The small blueberries were tart but the salmon berries were much sweeter.

When we reached an intersection of trail that would have led to the glacier we reversed course and headed home. It was shortly after that that we came across a mama bear and her cub. I pulled up the camera and the auto focus would not stuttering in and out long enough for the camera to take the picture. I barely got the focus set when the cub darted across the trail from the brush on one side to the brush on the other.

All I got in the three second encounter is a blurry image in the undergrowth. But it was pretty cool – especially since the mama showed no interest in us. We made it home without further incident but we took time to warn two young ladies who were taking the trail with their dogs about the bear in the vicinity. They wisely elected to take another trail for their evening walk.

Mama and I went out late last night so she could walk around for a while after eating too much at the Mexican restaurant where the ladies had met. It was her time to slow down and really look at the clothing in the store we had hurried through earlier that day. We did not buy anything but groceries but I am sure there were some purchases set aside mentally for future purchase.

This morning Aaron and I went out with the church group to hand out fliers for their upcoming Vacation Bible School. It was a pretty productive time. We had several interested people that the pastor will follow up with. One young single mom really lit into us for being there. I felt compelled to pray for her. Such anger is rarely generated by the person on whom it is released.

As we were finishing up she found us and apologized to us for her outburst. She is struggling with sobriety issues, being single with two kids and God know what else. I gently let her know that there are people near her that would help her – especially with her loneness. So I was able to leave a packet of information with her so she would have the number to call for the pastor’s wife.

I pray she does call. She needs it.



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