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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

No change, some change, communication

I had a bit of a lazy evening yesterday. There was nothing urgent on the agenda and my back was hurting more than usual when I got home. The pain in my back was bad enough that even walking around hurt. That does not mean I just sat around for the evening, I just did not do anything major. Mama was not feeling to spry either but between the two of us we moved feed sacks from the garage into the barrels she uses daily and we cleaned up some of the bags that have accumulated at the coop as feed has been put into the feed barrels. We tended to the cattle and made a couple changes in the way we have feed set up in the barn. I reset and reinforced one wall of the pig sty where the pig had scratched so hard it had nearly knocked down the pallets along that wall; getting quite dirty in the process with help from the occupant. After the normal tending to the animals we were back inside before 7 pm. I fixed us some dinner, then I worked on the music schedule for next week’s services for about an hour; we have Mission’s conference next week so it was a bit more work than usual.
While we were out we let Millie out of her enclosure because she seems no closer today than yesterday. She took her time exiting the stall but eventually was out moving around. Her current condition makes her a bit awkward and she seems to almost stumble as she walks about. The other goats in the paddock crowd her from time to time as if they are checking in with the elder of the yard but they soon wander off on their own. Mama is praying for twins and no more. I will take what we get; there is no changing it now anyway. So, we continue to wait. Mama and Victoria continue to fret but there is little that can accomplish so I let the two of them spend that energy as they see fit.
Right before I went to bed, Mama was heading out to do a final check on Millie and close up the chickens so I went with her. All was well in the goat barn so we headed through the garden to the coop and while we were there I asked Mama for the flashlight. I had made two trips through the garden earlier to get things needed to change how we fill the the trough in the barn lot. Neither time did I look to see if the seeds we planted over a week ago had sprouted. So, we did it by flashlight. Not only had they spouted, but the plants looked several days old. Many had started leafing out with the mature leaves that pop out after the sprout leaves help pierce the ground. Some looked like the plants were week old. It was pretty exciting. I can remember watering the garden on Friday evening and there was no evidence of growth so all this happened in the last four days. The storms we had come through Monday afternoon must have helped encourage the growth. Now if we can keep the rabbits, opossums, coons, deer and cattle from eating the plants we might have a good garden. We already have little yellow crook-necked squash, zucchini and cucumbers. We even have one tiny watermelon.
Cori shared with us that at the campground where they are staying they let the kids use the walkie talkies Grant had bought some time back as they crossed the campground to the play area. They were still in sight of the camper but to them it was big deal. Cori related the conversation as reported in: “We are crossing the street. We are going to the swings. We are going to leave the swings and climb in the tree.” A brief silence as they played. “We are headed back to the swings. I have to go to the bathroom so I am turning the walkie talkie over to Grant.” Etc. Cori said she was trying to wash the dished as all this was going but the kids expected an acknowledgement to each of their reports so that did not happen. Finally, she gave up and just enjoyed the moment.
Oh well, at least they took their responsibility to stay in touch seriously.


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