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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More repairs, Maggie and Walter, Grandpa

Yesterday morning – my first day back at work – one of the ladies that work for me told me she had had a “Tim Kline” week last week. On Sunday night the central A/C in her home stopped working. By Tuesday afternoon the entire unit had been replaced. The temperature last week averaged 95®F with nights not getting below 80®. Two nights without A/C was miserable. On that same Wednesday, the septic system backed up.

She called a septic repair company and a plumbing company and together the two companies dug outside, took up toilets inside, flooded the bathrooms twice each only to discover that a tee fitting near the septic tank was plugged. Once that was cleared and properly replaced everything was put back in place and she used a whole gallon of bleach to disinfect the house. She shivered in horror as she recalled cleaning the floors and walls.

Mama and I were laughing about it as I recounted the events to her. Then, that evening our central A/C began leaking water on the floor of the living room. It was only enough leakage to be annoying but it was definitely a problem, so I had Mama call the home warranty company and get the ball rolling on an inspection/repair. Hopefully she will get a call back today – which presents its own problem.

She and Victoria have a full day planned. Mama has to deliver food to the church this afternoon for a dinner being arranged for a funeral of one of our church member’s families; so that baking and cooking has to be done amid the distraction (hopefully) of a repair company working on the A/C. Then Victoria has a doctor’s appointment in Denton this afternoon. She is seeing the ENT that really helped her a year ago with her chronic ear problem. All that should be fun – and very warm since the temperature is expected to be neat 100®F.

Maggie has had some good reports on Walter. He is nursing well and sleeping well. She told Mama that he only gets up a couple times per night to eat which allows everyone the chance to sleep more than we all anticipated. As I understand it Walter will go to the doctor today to get circumcised – that should be a good time. At least he will be too young to remember.

Maggie is suffering from a pretty severe rash right now and she is very tender across her belly. She is hoping to talk to the doctor today while they are there with Walter. We are all hoping that the symptoms are not too abnormal and will quickly abate but some medical confirmation will be good. Otherwise we will see what needs to be done to help Maggie recover.

Meanwhile, back in West Virginia, Grandpa is getting around but every move expends enough effort that even to walk out to take the trash to the bin requires him to rest at the trash bin before getting enough breath to come back to the house. That is not good. Hence, the coming appointment to be evaluated for a pacemaker. I await information from Mama on that schedule.

Tonight we have made plans to go to Victoria’s house and weed eat some of the growth there – and there is a lot of growth. I do not know how much we will get done but it certainly is high time we gave it the effort so Victoria and Mama can have some clear pathways to walk when they do go over there.

That and the overgrowth at our property highlight the need for better equipment in order to keep up with the properties.


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