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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Overgrowth, eavesdropping on Mama, house guests

Victoria and Mama spent the day in Denton yesterday so by the time I got home they had just gotten home also. Mama was ready for her nap so Victoria and I went to her house (as we had planned) with the weed eater and a couple other implements and started hacking away at the incredible overgrowth of grass and weeds. We really should have looked at it long before now but to be honest, it was the last thing on our minds as we prepared for Alfredo and Daniella’s visit (while we were still hosting Brittany and Andrew )which was abruptly followed by our departure for Alaska – where we spent more than two weeks.

We were at her house for about an hour and a half but we did not really get much done even though I ran the weed eater continuously during that time. It will take more than we had with us to clear the two acres. So Mama and I will load her mower for the next run at the property. Meanwhile our own property suffers the same neglect – and the same overgrowth. Oh well, we will cut away at each as we are able which should take the rest of the summer to accomplish.

Mama and I have talked at some length about getting a smaller implement of some type to allow us greater flexibility and serviceability than the tractor with the brush hog we now have. Of course that would be an addition to our current implement inventory. The tractor with the brush hog and front loader is over twenty feet long which makes it difficult to use to mow within forest we have on our property – not impossible, just difficult.

However, a common riding lawn mower would be very time consuming to use since there are about seven acres to maintain. Getting sheep on the property would help in the portion where we plan to keep them but that is currently out of reach because I am not prepared to house them properly. We probably are not too far away from ready but I have not taken the time to prepare for them yet. So we are stuck with mechanical mowing. Like I said, by the end of summer we should have it done if it is only me and Mama providing the labor. When Grandpa is able to come back and help things will go much faster.

Speaking of Grandpa, I overheard that he is going to see the cardiologist this week during which time they will decide a path forward. It seems I only get the news as I eavesdrop on Mama as she is talking to someone about Grandpa. Last night it was Cori she was giving the update to. I was teasing Mama last night that maybe I should call Cori and have her fill me in.

Brianna is still sharing the house with us as she and Kaylen work to get and apartment. They have a reservation for one in Bridgeport but I assume it is not ready for occupancy as planned. They are planning to get married Friday so they can live together sooner than the planned October formal wedding – which, I understand, will still take place. I think that is a good plan.

We do not see much of Brianna. She leaves for work in the morning and does not come back to the house until after midnight each night. We have no problems with that. She is a big girl and she is fairly quiet in her comings and goings, but I think Mama is anxious to redirect the bedroom back to Grandma and Grandpa in hopes of influencing their return. Plus, Cori could have the baby any day now and Mama wants to be able to leave without leaving behind a female guest in our house while she is away.

It will all work out soon enough.


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