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Monday, July 13, 2015

Some follow up notes

Grandpa was released from the hospital without any diagnosis of the problem that originally landed him there. He received several units of blood over a couple days and was greatly improved by that but all the tests that were run were inconclusive. He is scheduled for one more test in which the doctors will use a pill sized camera to get a view of the small intestines to see if they can pinpoint the source of the internal bleeding that caused his blood loss. Once that test is done they may okay him for travel.

One internalists and a cardiologist have reached the conclusion that the underlying issue with his blood pressure fluctuations may be related to improper heart function. The solution for that is a pace maker. That would explain some of the seemingly unrelated issues he has been having with blood pressure control and why the doctors have been unable to correct it. More on that s we get word from him and Grandma.

Cori is in better shape after the doctors gave her the medication to stop her contractions. It would not have bothered Blake is she had had the baby. He is anxious to be able to hug her in the front instead of sideways. He told her so just the other day. She is still having sporadic contractions and feels a good amount of abdominal pressure so she is having lots of trouble sleeping. It would be difficult to imagine that Savanah will stay in the womb too much longer but we are praying for as many weeks as we can get to close in on her due date.

Mama and I made it home safely Friday morning  – extremely worn out from the trip home. We got to the airport in Seattle at 6 pm Thursday evening and boarded a flight to Dallas just before midnight. That put our arrival time in Dallas just before 6 a.m. on Friday. The pastor was scheduled to pick us up at 6:30 – or there about. His wife texted Mama a little after 6 tell us he had overslept and would be a little late. But it was not too much after the agreed time that he picked us up. We got to the house a little after 8 a.m. since we stopped for breakfast on the way home. It seemed the least we could offer him for getting up much earlier than is normal for him.

Mama and I unpacked only what was necessary and napped for a few hours before we got up to get busy on unpacking and start working on the neglected yard. We were back in bed by 9 pm and did not get up Saturday morning until just before noon. I cannot remember a time when we slept later than that but we each had taken a muscle relaxer before bed. That combined with the sleepless night as we traveled home did us in.

I got up and started working on the garage – rearranging boxes and clearing space to work. Mama actually went back to bed for a nap a little after 2 pm. I woke her at 5 pm. By that time I had finished grilling hamburgers and was anxious to get started on weed eating. As a consequence of all the sleep we had gotten we both had a rough night Saturday  night; but not nearly as rough as I had last night. Maybe we are readjusting our sleep patterns to what should be normal after being three hours off Texas time and in nearly constant day light for over two weeks. This too should pass.

All in all it was a great trip, a wonderful time with our granddaughter and her parents as we waited on her brother.


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