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Monday, July 20, 2015

Now change for Cori or Grandpa, Mama’s fledgling loss, Kaylen and Brianna’s gain

Another week has gone and Cori is still keeping Savanah all to herself. Mama and I would not have been surprised for the baby to have come any day last week or through the weekend, but alas, that has not happened. Cori is starting to feel that exasperation that comes near the end of almost every pregnancy; that the baby will not be on time for anyone’s planned schedule and no one will get to enjoy the moment because they are too frustrated by the extended wait.

She was almost in tears earlier this weekend as she talked to Mama – who is heading to Florida on Thursday. I guess Cori feels like she is now officially on notice to deliver this baby and she doesn’t want to disappoint anyone; like that could ever happen, especially when a baby is the focus of the issue. So we are still waiting, still praying for mommy and baby, still expecting a new arrival any day now and, most importantly, preparing for Mama to be there.

On the other end of the spectrum of life cycles we are still waiting to get a diagnosis on Grandpa. I had been led to believe that there was a consensus among the doctors treating him but in the patches of conversation I happen to overhear as Mama discusses the issue with someone over the phone – the only way I get brought into the loop – it appears that was overly optimistic of me.

With Grandpa’s heart performing poorly he has begun to retain fluids and is experiencing the normal swelling that comes with that condition. In response to that the doctors prescribed a diuretic – which necessitates him going to the bathroom quite frequently. He does not like that solution and was talking to Grandma about not taking the medication any longer.

So Grandma rallied the forces to try to convince him to continue the prescriptive regimen he is on. She has plenty of affected persons on her side of the family that are either on the same medication or have recently been on the medication. I have not heard the follow up on how successful those efforts were but we continue to pray for Grandpa and his health – for a speedy and full recovery regardless of what it takes to get him there. They are talking about coming back to Texas the first week of August but I do not see that happening with his medical issues at this time.

Mama and Victoria worked pretty diligently with the little fledgling that Sasha carried into the yard but all their efforts were not enough to save the little bird. It died late Sunday afternoon. The good news is that we learned quite a lot about caring for fledglings. I do not know if we will be able to use that knowledge at any time in the future but time will tell.

Also on Sunday, Brianna moved out of the bedroom in our home and into an apartment with her husband. She and Kaylen were married Friday night in a small ceremony at the church. It was a family event so Mama and I did not participate but it got them past the hurdle of finding Brianna a place to live; something she has been struggling with since graduating from BBTI. We are happy for the two of them – and it frees up Grandma and Grandpa’s room for their return. It also avoids an awkward situation I would have been in with Mama leaving on Thursday morning; having a young lady in the home with me in Mama’s absence.

All in all, it was an eventful weekend.


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