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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yard work, Mama’s on the road again, not so good news

Mama and I worked in the yard last night for several hours – after we cleaned the chicken coop and I mowed inside all the fence line on our little ten acres. It was fairly late when we put up the tools and came inside to cool off but Mama was delighted with the planting and weeding that we had done. I have to admit, things looked a good deal better than when we started.  

We also hooked up a hose to water the plantings in front of the house that will reach the trees planted in the backyard that I am trying to save in this drought. It was a productive evening but by the time Mama finally sat down in the house her back was hurting. I think she will be better this morning as she and Victoria clean the house and Mama finalizes her packing but I will wait for the update sometime later.

Tomorrow morning I will – Lord willing – deliver Mama to the airport very early. Her flight leaves here at 5:30 a.m. It is a little inconvenient for us but it will allow Mama to arrive in Pensacola before 10 a.m. local time and I should arrive a little earlier than normal at the office. Getting it all out of the way early works for me.

Savanah is still feeling comfortable enough where she is at the moment although her mommy is ready to have her in her arms as opposed to her belly. We have to trust the Lord on those things but I do not think Mama will be there many days before she and Savanah get introduced. I am praying that Mama being there will be a help to Cori and that she will really rest over the next couple days as God finishes His work on little Savanah.

Although we were not expecting rain for many days, it is raining now; one of those summer showers that give us a half inch or better in twenty minutes. It is a very pleasant albeit unexpected delight. For some reason the plants almost always do better when watered by rain than any other method. Even though we have well water – no chemicals added – to use on our plants, they respond far better to a rain shower.

I got a note from the Licensing Manager this morning in which he let me know that the prospect of being hired by him is rapidly diminishing. The longer the delay in getting Licensing help scheduled for the plant startup in southern Louisiana, the less opportunity there is for me to participate in that startup since there will be personnel available to take on that role by the end of the year. That is not a definite dismissal, but it makes the prospect of getting that job a very remote one.

I let my boss know and we will see what opportunities present themselves over the following weeks but I will have to focus on the very real possibility that I will be jobless by the end of the year.


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