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Thursday, November 3, 2016

More rain, the TENS unit, study

It looked like Fall today; overcast, dreary, the sidewalks littered with leaves. It was a nice change when contrasted to the dry, bright, dusty days we have endure through the long summer. We are supposed to have cooler weather to further emphasize the changing of the season by the end of the week. I have not looked ahead to see what the forecast is for winter in this area but we will take what comes as we come to it. If freezing weather ever does come, there are a few things I need to do to get ready but I will not do any winterization until needed. Mama and I will just enjoy the mild, moist days ahead of us.

At work one of the ladies in my Client Relations group brought her TENS unit to work with her. She is having trouble with her neck and back. When she was asked about it by the other lady in our group she volunteered to loan it to her. A gesture readily accepted by the borrower. But a short while later as she was allowing the unit to work on her she shrieked in pain and fumbled to get the unit turned down. She had it on a progressive setting which quickly ramped up to the point of hurting her. Still later she began making faces as the unit shocked her neck near her facial muscles. She and I face each other so, thinking I had been noticing the facial contortions, she remarked. “That’s not me.” “Yes it is.” I answered, “I can see your face from here.” 

All in all, it has been a pleasure so far to work with this company and especially this group. Our new supervisor keeps prying me for insights into how to do her job better but she is doing fine for the moment. At least she catches her mistakes quickly and is able to defuse any bad reactions from poorly chosen wording. Ultimately, I think she will do well for the time she has the current position. Today I was able to handle most of the calls I answered. I think I had to go for help three times out of the twenty five or so times I took a call. Better, but still in need of much improvement since becoming a supporting member of the team is the goal.

Mama and I studied a while tonight for the test we have Monday. As I worked through the questions on the syllabus I began to see a way to arrange my thoughts around the necessary answers. At first the volume of information was a bit daunting, but right now it looks manageable. I have told Mama repeatedly that I want to remember the facts for a period longer that is necessary to do well on the test. I hope to make the information a permanent part of my understanding of the Bible. Unfortunately, my brain seems to leak the facts as soon as I quit dwelling on them.

I have determined that if I could remember 20% of everything I have learned in my life to date I would be an incredibly smart individual. Unfortunately, I am probably closer to 5% retention. But I tend to like being average.


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