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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Rain finally, chicken lovers, nick names

Several of the mornings this week have been overcast but this morning the overcast skies finally distilled into rain. It was not much but it was some. The next couple days have a pretty good chance of more significant rain but we will not celebrate until it comes. Until then I will continue to water three times per week through the fall; if it really is fall. The temperatures make it difficult to tell the season. The only true indication of the season at hand is the ever shortening days.

The Burn’s family has continued with their investigation of Victoria’s house. They have gone to the house each evening this week. Monday they just piddled around. Tuesday they met with Daniel and James Wycoff (both of whom are both working as plumbers) in order to get some insights into the possible layout of the plumbing in the house. Neither of them saw a problem with the way Zach wanted the bathroom laid out. Tonight they met with the man who installed our septic system. That was an interesting visit. The bottom line is that the septic system is doable but the old hand-dug well must be filled in with some type of aggregate that will seal it off. Not a difficult task but an additional one. Zach does not seem bothered by the additional work but he has not made a final determination in purchasing the house either. Zach has also talked to the title company about the purchase process.

While they were there at the house last night their daughter, 4 year-old Eliza, overheard Mama telling her mama that we were going to catch the chickens we have at the house and give them to the Wycoff family so they can be killed and eaten. At least Mama did not use the word “butchered”. Even though I am not sure Eliza would have known it’s meaning it is still a angry type of work. Anyway, Eliza was deeply saddened about the expected demise of the hens and told her mama, “I don’t want the chickens to die.” I do not know what she heard in response, but she was still pleading with Mama to spare the chickens as they talked tonight. You know how it is with murderous Mama Kim. Once she gets her head set on something it will get done sooner rather than later. Secretly, Eliza thinks purchasing the house will spare the chickens from certain death.

Work continues to be a bit overwhelming but I am getting all the needed help. And the crew I am working with seems to be adapting well to me. Tonight my boss, Sara and my peer Colin were trying to come up with a nick name for me. By their own admission it should not be unkind or overly silly so they wrestled with several while I sat smiling but not participating. Colin suggested that it have something to do with the Encyclopedia - they consider me well read. Eventually they came up with Tim O Pedia. But that was not sufficient so to put an Irish twist to the name they revised it slightly to Tim O’Pedia. 

I am not sure if it will stick but it if far more flattering than several of the other nick names I have been stick with.


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