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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Training, temporary solutions, Victoria’s house

Since I stayed up on Tuesday night to see the election results and since last night was church night and since we went to Lowe’s after church last night I went to bed when we got home and slept until just before the alarm went off this morning. None the less yesterday was a full day, spent mostly in training at the Decatur Civic Center - my old stomping grounds from ConocoPhillips. It was an 8-5 class and we spent all that time actually in class - lunch included. It is the class I am going to be teaching starting January next year. If things go as I am forecasting, it will require travel at least once per month. I think Mama and I can handle that. The training I got to take on Tuesday has already proved very useful in my daily routine. It was set at a pace I could actually keep up with and process enough to retain. The training yesterday was more about doing performance evaluations for individuals in the field. I may never use it but I can certainly teach it - since I have spent years doing that.

Today was pretty fast paced at work. But I had time to go over the book I brought home from the training yesterday and redo as well as augment my notes while the information was still fresh on my mind. I am beginning to feel like I am actually helping in the daily work we are doing. My coworker are calling on me for help in the more routine tasks and I am handling all the emails one day per week and first in line to answer all phone calls on another day each week. I am not completely comfortable on all the emails or calls but help is generally very close. When I do start handling the assigned training, I may be moved off of this team into a different department but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. At least I can be of some value to the company in a dual role since they have invested this much training in me at this set of tasks. 

Another temporary solution I was able to get done for Mama was rigging up a light in the chicken coop. In order to increase our egg production we need some way to extend the light the chickens are exposed to. Victoria bought a couple of battery operated lights for us to put in the coop until we could do better but it requires a lot of batteries to be more than a two or three day solution. So as I was praying about it yesterday I got the idea to rig up an outdoor breaker box at the slab I have poured for the well house and get power through it to the coop. God even gave me a great idea, quick and easy, for supporting the breaker box at the slab. At the coop I rigged up a temporary light in the place I have wired for a permanent outdoor fixture. Since I got off an hour early this afternoon I was just running out of daylight when I flipped the breaker for the wiring to the coop. When doing electrical wiring, it is always fun to see it really work when the switch is turned on. I will have to do some completion work tomorrow evening, hopefully before dark, but the light is burning and working off of the switch wired for it. Mama should like that.

We may be close to selling Victoria’s house. please continue to pray about that. Also, Cori and Nate may be close to putting their house on the market. More prayer needed there as well.


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