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Friday, January 6, 2017

New job, no internet, sickness

I met with my new team in the Education Department this morning for the first time. I learned that I have a new supervisor in that department – just promoted to that position. It should all work out, but there is a sense of continual change within the company. I still have very little idea what my new duties will be but am sure I can figure it out as we go. Everyone seems genuinely excited about the change – which I found out, quite by accident, will be happening Thursday. At that time, I should have a much better idea what I will be doing and how steep a learning curve I will have in order to get fully onboard. I am looking forward to the change and even more looking forward to the change in application of my time and skills toward something I enjoy doing – hopefully. I will find out sometime if the move comes with a raise in pay. I have not been told that yet, but I am hopeful. If not, God can always make what we earn enough.
We had a technician at the house this morning and I do not think it could have been much worse. I am not sure he really did anything and he found nothing wrong with the system other than we were nearly out of data. That was his explanation for the super slow system operation. It does not matter that it has been this way for a few weeks. He saw what he wanted to see and offered no help in getting the internet connection to improve. He did suggest that Hughes net has acquired access to another satellite which should dramatically improve the internet connection, but I am not holding my breath. I just dislike it when a technician treats the client like they have no idea what they are talking about. And to them, an answer like, “Well that should not happen” is sufficient to end the discussion and solve the problem. I will look at the system operation this evening and if it is not improved, I intend to make myself a very well-known customer.
Mykenzie got the bug last night and spent the night in and out of the bathroom. I did not have much awareness of it even though I did not get to sleep until after 1 a.m. I am not sure what happened to give me trouble sleeping, but every now and then I have nights like that when I either cannot get to sleep or stay asleep. I did pray a lot so it was a good use of otherwise frustrating hours. We are hoping that all the kids and parents have completed their bout with this but by the time they head out this weekend. They no longer have a home to go back to so there is no telling what accommodations they will have to be sharing as they travel. 
Anything out of the ordinary – like sickness, especially the vomiting variety – can make for very uncomfortable sleeping arrangements for everyone.


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