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Friday, January 6, 2017

Technical problems, travel for the kids

I tried the internet again last night and discovered that nothing had been resolved; not necessarily a news flash. So, after getting a few things done at the house, I got on the phone with Hughsnet. After I went through the obligatory customer support I was transferred to the accounting department because I had asked how much it would cost to get out of the contract. After a few minutes with that person, I was transferred to the Tier 2 support and was actually able to speak to someone who analyzed my problem as a software bridging issue. The problem will now be kicked up to the Tier 3 division for resolution but to get there I must once again go through the customer service route to connect to the Tier 3 team. 
But the issue has at least been identified as a software interface issue. I was on the phone for over an hour to get to this point and probably have another hour to get a resolution. The modem is indeed working properly as related to the satellite connection; however, like I have been saying, the signal is not being allowed out of the modem. I got frustrated only when the customer service rep told me that I should take my computer to the Apple service center and have it worked on to resolve the issue. The fact that this is the only internet it does not connect to did not seem to interest her. I will spend an extra few minutes at the church this evening to get a few things done on their internet. Funny how my MacBook will work with that – and every other – internet.
Nate, Cori and the kids were supposed to leave for Oklahoma this afternoon to be at a church this evening, but with the kids plagued by this illness we are all sharing only Nate and Grant will go. Cori and the other three will stay here with us. Blake has not gotten sick, but Nate thought it better to leave him home just in case Blake decides that tonight it the night. Mykenzie is recovering and the baby is fully recovered. Mama is still struggling but I am concerned that the delay in recovery is more diet related – too much sugar lately. A high sugar intake for a couple of days is difficult for her system to handle. She just dos not recognize that yet. 
The plan is still that they will all head out Saturday morning. Back to Florida for slew of meetings scheduled in that area. I am concerned that the displacement will affect them more than they are yet aware, but they are committed to the course set before them and I know they will manage – meals, laundry, living out of a suitcase, endless hours on the road, sleeping different places night after night (until they have an RV), living on very little money and without a predictable income. This is one of those unique times that I believe cell phones and online banking are a blessing. On the bright side, they will get to visit places they would never have gone without this motivation; making memories that will last a lifetime; making friendships that will be eternal. If we can keep the end in mind, the challenges on the journey are much more enjoyable. It will be fun to see God work.

At least we can be a part of it vicariously. 


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