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Friday, May 15, 2015

Hummingbirds, results, busy weekend ahead

Last week, Mama put out a couple little hummingbird feeders. She has been amply rewarded for the effort. She has had to refill the one in the back yard a couple times since the tiny creatures have found it. Now they have also discovered the one in the front yard. To date, she has not seen any of the more colorful species. The visitors have fairly dull in appearance but frequent in their feedings. I am beginning to think we may have nest nearby. If we could discover its location that would really thrill Mama.

Every evening the birds have been especially vocal. We hear the cardinals, the doves and several other calls that I am not familiar with; not to mention the mockingbirds driving all of them crazy repeating song after song of every variety of bird it hears. It is very soothing to hear the nightly chorus and know the song is because they are satisfied with the day; welcoming the night. We can not only take heart in that – we could learn a lesson from it.

We have enjoyed the past couple of days without rain. Each morning I leave the house the big dogs are sprawled out in the driveway and have to wake to move out of my way as I leave. On the wet mornings they are snuggled on the front porch under the glider we have sitting there. I am not thrilled that both the front porch and the sunroom have become dog habitat but under the circumstances it is the best we can offer. Hopefully, as the summer rolls in they will find other places to leave their shed hair, shed mud and their body odor.

Mama had to call the doctor yesterday to get the results of her CAT scan. As expected, there was nothing to report. The nurse actually told Mama that they had found nothing but quickly corrected herself and said they had found nothing abnormal. I question both variations of the report. But we are pleased that there is nothing out of the ordinary we have to deal with. Mama’s phantom pains will remain a mystery.

Our busyness continues this weekend with RU meeting tonight and a youth rally on Saturday. Both are events happening in the evening and at both we will be watching the children of the participants. It would not be so bat but we still have the last test for this semester of FBI hanging over our heads and none of us have been able to devote much time to studying for that test. Hopefully we will be able to take a couple hours each day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday to get the information locked in our minds before we have to sit for the exam Monday night.

That remains to be seen.


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