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Thursday, May 14, 2015

No net but plenty of rain, Victoria’s job search

Well, things did not work out too well concerning our internet. The technician showed up at the house but said he could not do anything because it was raining. Mama did not happen to be there since she and Victoria had scheduled hair appointments at the same time. Mama had hoped to be finished by the time the technician came to the property but that did not work out.

Since we missed the first opportunity we have another one scheduled two weeks out, but I am not too sure I want to go with this company. If it is that difficult to get an appointment to install service I can only guess what it is like to get something repaired once the equipment is finally in place. We will wait and see but my enthusiasm has waned significantly.

The rain continued through the afternoon into the evening. It finally let up about the time we were headed to church. It was not a gully washer but rather a steady shower. All in all, we got a little under an inch. Everything is thoroughly soaked in our area.

All the lakes are full to capacity or overflowing. That presents a unique problem for the persons controlling those lake levels. As one releases water that water runs south to the next overfull lake which overflows to the next and so on. It is a problem we have not had to deal with for over seven years. It will take some time to get the levels adjusted without flooding the adjacent neighborhoods.

Hopefully, there have not been any houses build on the land that has been high and dry through the extended drought. That will prove to be very foolish, shortsighted decision but you never know what developers are thinking. I do know that it is a possibility because in Amarillo I saw people setting mobile homes in what were, and will be again, playa lakes. It would be interesting to see those homes right now since we are now surpassing the total amount of rainfall we received for all of last year.

While Mama and Victoria were in town Victoria put in her application for a school bus driver position. There are several people in our church that drive for various school districts so it was not a foreign idea. I am not sure what of the applications she has submitted lately we will hear back on but she has put in several now and is anxious to find something closer; something other than Walmart, something other than a pharmacy job.

In a lull between meetings yesterday I found an ad for some cattle that Mama is going to call on today. I am not completely sure we are ready but it never hurts to make the contacts.


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