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Thursday, May 28, 2015

No signal, slogging through

The internet provider that I contacted over a month ago finally came to the house to evaluate the possibility of getting service. He was not able to get a signal. I did not hold out much hope so there was no extreme disappointment on my part; however, when Jake stays with us later this summer he will feel differently.

Mama told me the technician told her it was not the trees that were the problem, it was a geography issue. Where the house sits there is not a tower close enough to give us any signal. Oh, well. We tried. There is an effort in progress to get more service to our area but I am not holding my breath that it will happen soon.

While the technician was up on our roof a very large branch fell out of one of the trees on the driveway. Fortunately it was not one of the dead ones near the garage. When I got home I had to get the chainsaw and cut it up into manageable pieces. We will move the firewood sized pieces to the growing pile I am accumulating and keep back the branches for a bonfire for Jake.

The storm passed over us last night – which is a good thing because we got over two inches of rain the night before – and dumped over two inches on parts of north Ft. Worth; mainly where my boss lives. From the forecast it looks like we are just about through with the constant rain. There are more sunny days predicted for next week that rainy ones. That has not happened since late March. The rain has been a mixed blessing, but as the summer progresses we will all be thankful for what we have in full tanks, ponds and lakes.

Even the quarry on the property that is right next to us is full to overflowing. I have been told that there are some record sized bass in it so I will have to check it out. It looks like a perfect place to try kayaking with Mama. Perfect because it is large, it is full, it is close and it is free. I am also anxious to try fly fishing and our little tank and the quarry lake will give me that opportunity – someday.

More heavy, dangerous storms are forecast for this weekend but we are pressing on with the trail ride. Danny has promised that we will not be disappointed with the gathering even if we do not get to do much riding. With the sudden nature of the storms here, I have asked Mama to pack a couple extra outfits for each of us in case we get soaked while we are out.

It is my experience that there is not much place to hide from the rain while on horseback.


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