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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The call, bone yard, internet evaluation today

Between meetings yesterday I got a call from the hiring manager in the Licensing group. The call was to bring me up to date on developments in the construction at the plant in Sabine Pass, LA. The licensing group is waiting until the contract with the operating company is in place and the plant is nearer completion before they extend any job offers. That should happen in August; possible September. In this cash constrained environment they are hesitant to carry people on their books longer than necessary.

I let him know that those dates will work well for me because of the births Mama and I will be attending through the summer. I also thanked him for letting me know that I was on the “short list” – which means that an offer will be extended to me for the job when the posting is actually ready to be filled. At least that is out in the open and Mama and I can begin to plan for it; versus planning on losing my job with ConocoPhillips.

Mama was both excited and anxious about the announcement. It will still be two weeks on and two weeks off. It will likely last through 2016 into 2017 before I have to move on to another assignment. What that may be is unknown at this time but I do know that plants are being built in China, Africa, Australia and the North Slope of Alaska. We will see where all this leads. The first step is getting the job offer.

It began to rain as I was getting home yesterday and Mama was very frustrated because she had been waiting on me to get home to clear the yard of carcasses and bones. I think I need to start ordering body bags for the refuse that is constantly being dragged into our yard. Fortunately, the rain passed quickly and she was able to get out and complete the mowing fairly quickly. Now, if it rains as predicted, at least she can look out on a trimmed lawn.

I should have taken more time to study yesterday for the test we have to take on Monday evening but I was too tired to concentrate. I napped in the chair and eventually showered and went to bed about 9 pm. It was the earliest I have been in bed for several weeks. I do feel better this morning but I could use a few more eight hour nights.

Today is the day a technician will be coming to the farm to see if we can get internet. I am not holding my breath but I have made every preparation I could to facilitate the matter. Victoria will be home today so she will be available to test the system and get the passwords set up in the event that we are successful. We are not interested in getting television but it is frustrating to be without internet - especially when I need to work from home.

If I do get this licensing job, internet will be a necessity rather than a luxury. If I end up not getting the job, internet access is luxury I would like to have.


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