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Monday, May 11, 2015

Reptile issues, bathroom remodel, Chase, Mother’s Day storms

The snake that had shown itself to the mail carrier on Friday was enough to frighten her to the point that she refused to deliver the mail on Saturday. I do not know how she was able to spot the snake Saturday since he was hiding in the top pipe of the fence that abuts the column which houses the mailbox; but she did spot it and even sent Mama a picture. I had to stop what I was doing in the master bathroom and deal with a harmless reptile to assuage her fear. He will die where I entombed him in the pipe. I only hope that will suffice.

Saturday Mama and I worked in the master bath getting the flooring redone and both vanities installed. It took me all day to get the work done – and we only had to make two trips to the hardware store for fittings to hook up the sink on my side. I was just getting the tools put away when Brittany and Andrew, Makaila and Chase drove up.  All in all, it turned out well enough that Mama is anxious to get the rest of the cabinets painted and the countertops redone.

They all had a good evening playing a card game and arguing about who really won. Chase was taking credit for winning overall but there was the usual amount of dissention in the various opinions. We did get a great chance to tease Chase about the way Makaila does everything for him. It is no different in my eyes than when he was growing up – other than the fact that his wife is now doing the work done by his Mama and his five sisters. That did not stop us from making him feel just a little bit guilty as Makaila made him a sandwich from ingredients sitting right in front of him.

All of us went to church Sunday morning so Mama could have a full row for Mother’s Day. It was a good thought and it did pretty much work out that way but when we got to church we found out that there was no power in the sanctuary. We met in the gym/fellowship hall. That would have been okay if not for the rain that began to fall shortly after the service began. Pastor had to have the volume raised several times on the portable PA system just so we could almost hear him.

We muddled through the service and it was good overall, even with the songs being sung acapella. But the rain only got worse as the morning progressed. By the time church dismissed there were rivers of water running down the sidewalks we all needed to cross to get to the flooded parking lot. Eventually we decided to make a run to the vehicles since the rain showed no signs of stopping and Chase and Makaila were on a constrained schedule. As is common, though we were soaked from the rain we walked through to get to the truck, we drove out of the rain into the sunshine within a few miles of Decatur.

I think Mama had a good Mother’s Day in spite of the storms.


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