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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Busy, productive days, Fireworks and the USA

Mama and I were up very early this morning so we could meet Erin to get the kids in order to allow her to participate in an audit - yes, another one. She and her employer have been surprised to have two sets of independent auditors go over the same set of books in consecutive audits. The stuff that makes you go, Hum?

Anyway that pretty much filled up our day as well as get us started early. We were already planning on going to Sam’s for dog food as well as a couple other items and we had planned on going to Panera’s for bagels at half price (every Tuesday) so it kind of worked out well. You have to be there early to get a good variety of bagels. The kids did very well through the several stops, starting with Panera’s followed by Chick-fil-a then Sam’s. We were still home by 10:30 am. 

I did not do any work on the barn because I am hurting pretty badly in my chest. I sort of overdid it Monday and my injuries were not at all happy with the strain I put on those areas. I woke up in an enormous amount of pain and it continued through the day. So Mama gave me one of her “you better not…” speeches, softened by a “Honey, you need to rest…” follow up. What could I do? I rested.

Anyway we were waiting on a buyer to come and look at the brush hog - which down here is called a shredder deck - and he was supposed to show up right after lunch. Which, he did, by the way.

He and his son came to look the equipment over. I was impressed by the both of them. They know equipment. The elder has been working farms and hay fields for over sixty years. 

They custom bale thousands of round bales each year so when they made me an offer for the brush hog and explained why they were offering less than what I was asking I took the offer. It was still a good offer. Besides, the son bought the box blade for the full asking price as part of the deal. 

I was happy to make the sale and they were happy with the purchases. Turns out that the young man that bought the baler from us bought the rake he had on his trailer when he got to our farm from the man buying our brush hog. It really is a small world.

Speaking of a small world, Sunday evening Mama and I watched a fireworks display in Decatur in the company of some elderly church friends. It is always fun to see the colorful explosions. Fireworks are not unique to the United States but the celebratory significance of the date certainly is. 

Cori told Mama that she and the kids had done the same thing, but on Monday evening in Pensacola. While they were being amazed by the display, Mykenzie turned to her and said, “I’m going to miss my country.”

What a revelation of the heart of my little missionary.


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