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Friday, July 8, 2016

Sam’s little adventure, things that take time

I got to the church pretty early this morning, Actually, I left about the same time Mama and Grandma were coming back from the Bridgeport vet. Grandma came over with the Lincoln to take Sam to be shorn - they call it groomed, but that is not what was needed - because I did not want to take the shaggy, smelly, shedding dog anywhere in my truck; and certainly not the Sequoia. I was going to use the stock trailer but Mama and Grandma would not hear of it.

Sam was ready to be picked up about the time I got through at church. Actually, I was at Lowe’s picking up some more 2x4’s for the goat barn so I could finish the structure for the roof. And, yes. Sam did ride home in my truck. He did not smell any better but at least the hair he was shedding was shorter.

While I was at the church our pastor came in and sat with me for a half hour. We talked in general about some thing, and specifically about a couple things, but he told me that I should pack up and go to Nazlini, AZ with the group that is going back again this year to do Vacation Bible School for the church Joel Haynes pastors there. This will be the fifth or sixth year they have made the trip and I have always wanted to go but one thing or another has kept me back.

This year it is a new business, tending to the animals in Mama’s absence - when she takes Grandpa to Amarillo for him heart oblation procedure the 22nd - and filling in at church for an absent pastor. But Mama reminded me that Victoria will be back on the 19th so if I could put everything else on hold temporarily, I could actually go. I am praying about that now, and might actually be leaning toward going, but I am not convinced to do so.

Mama and I had RU tonight. We were going to leave early enough to go and see a man from our church that is recovering from open heart surgery. I got to see him on Thursday evening as we were out soul winning, but Mama was not with us.

We were ready in time to make the visit and got everything loaded in the Sequoia but I could not find the keys. Mama remembered that she had left them in the ignition turned on so that she could extract a CD for Grandma. That was as 9:30 am. It was 6 pm. Of course the car would not start.

I tried to use my jump starter but the battery was too low to succeed in getting the vehicle  started. So we got the truck and moved the food we were hauling to RU from the back of the Sequoia to the back seat of the truck, with one little hitch. The back hatch would not reopen. The battery was too low to open the solenoid to release the door latch once I had closed it.

Mama had to fish out the food - Shepherd’s Pie - from over the back seats. It was tricky but she did manage it without any spills. We were too late by the time we got everything transferred, added to the time I had spent trying to get the jump starter to work, to go see out recovering friend.

Maybe we can get there tomorrow after we take Mr. Plumley to Trade Days. And after I finally get the Sequoia started.


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