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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Today was a pure frustration. I spent all morning trying to video myself using the script I had been helped to compose. It was only 530 words long but it took me several dozen tries just to get all the words out properly…and the best video was really not good at all. ( Mama was silently praying for me and I needed it.)

I sent it off for review but I had a feeling I knew the outcome - and I was pretty close. My mentor requested more smile, more life, less reading. And he is right but quite frankly, I am getting worn out with the process. But what can I do but keep going keep improving; make it right. Because our future may literally depend on it.

Meanwhile I am completing work assigned by my traffic coach and have scheduled an appointment with her Monday afternoon. We will see what kind of results that gives me. Again, it is a pretty steep learning curve and I feel like I am living the title of the book James Dobson wrote years ago, “Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back.” But we’ll get there.

In addition to the trouble I had with the video, I somehow messed up my Skype account; lost all my contacts, all my history. So I had to start over there. My active account is timothy.kline3. If you need me on Skype that is where I will be. Hopefully I be able to keep that going.

I did not know when I asked to reset my password that I had multiple accounts open and I chose the wrong one to reset the password on - at least as far as history and contacts. I have no idea if the other accounts will continue to connect to me or not, but I am assuming not. I also have no idea what account I had made initial contact with my mentors on so I quickly reestablished those contacts.

With tomorrow being the only day I have left this week to work toward my business launch, my high hopes of getting started this week were dashed to nothing. (Friday and Saturday Mama and I will be traveling to and from Brenham to see Dad and spend some time with my siblings.)

Like Crazy Clara said to Matthew Quigley, “It’s not uncommon to have a bad day your first day on the job.”

Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day.


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