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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bad news, good news, losses

We got an update on our truck. It was not good news. As far as the running issues we were having, our mechanic thinks a thorough injector cleaning will solve the problem. However, with the a/c problems we were having his best guess is that we have a leaking evaporator - which is located in the dash. To replace it will require the removal of the entire dash at an estimated cost of $1000. It is still cheaper than monthly payments but it stings the ol’ pocketbook.

I pulled the back tires off of Mama’ s mower this morning so they could be taken to the tire shop and filled with some industrial strength leak protector. For what we are required to mow right now we needed a little more leak protection than Walmart has to offer. They are reinstalled now and ready for abuse - I mean use. Since there has not been rain for over a week a good trimming of the yard is all that Mama intends to do for now.

We had an appointment scheduled today for our refrigerator to be repaired. I am anxious to get it back in service because we do not like the one we borrowed from Grandma and Grandpa. It is set up in such an odd way that large portions of each shelf are not usable. Besides, it is not cooling sufficiently either so we are dealing with a lot of food spoilage. Were it not for the old refrigerator in the garage - the one left by the sellers - we would be out of luck having anything refrigerated.

As it normally happens, when the technician arrived the refrigerator was working perfectly. I actually think it was showing off for him because it seemed to get colder than I can remember it ever having gotten since we first bought it. Seriously, he did say that it could be the thermostat acting up - and he gave me a crash course on how to test, order and install one if that is the underlying issue. Plus, he diagnosed a problem with the other fridge that may actually fix it also. Not bad for the $99 house call.

Today is Savana’s birthday. It is pretty hard for me to imagine that a year has passed since she was born. Being out of touch with her through that entire year only exacerbates the loss of a whole year; at least, concerning how much we have missed out with her - and all our other grandchildren for that matter. It is difficult to know how to calculate that loss, or to determine how best to make it up when the opportunity does present itself. I am hoping to change that during the latter half of this year but am seeing very little support for that initiative at the moment.  

Our last night of VBS is tonight. It will be kind of sad to see it end.


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