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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hummers, being still - sort of, working, visitors

I am never quite sure the duration of the humming birds stay in our area each year but we thoroughly enjoy them for the time they are with us. Right now we have about six - it’s hard to tell - that station themselves around the feeders Mama has set out. I do not know where they get the energy but they chase each other away from the feeders through the entire day. It is an ariel battle as they duck and turn in their seemingly harmless skirmishes. 

Over and over the chase continues from dawn to dusk. It makes for great entertainment. Every now and then we will see one of the thumb sized birds perch on the tiny branches of one of the oaks in our front yard as they rest and stand guard. I would think ti would consume a huge amount of energy to keep this up all day every day but so it goes. They never seem to grow tired of it - neither do Mama and I.

Like the hummers, I do not know if I am the only one who’s life seems to be in fast forward but it certainly seems to be the case. It is almost nice to be out of materials and have everything on hold at the moment. And since this is the case Mama and I are going to drive down to Chappell Hill for an overnight so we can help Martha pack and spend some time with Dad. You may not think of that as being still but it works for me. I have a difficult time watching projects go unfinished - especially when the hold up is materials. (Translate that “money”)

I have spent several restless nights and prayerful days considering a path forward for me and Mama. It is one of those times that it is better to put everything possible on hold until I get a clear direction. That has not come yet. Through many such trials I have learned to be patient. I will be so again and wait on the Lord. Honestly, I can use the break.

Besides, with Jake coming next week and Mama starting to working at the church school following his return home, it will get more difficult to get away. In addition to Mama’s schedule changing, when I chanced to fill out an application online this morning the hiring agency emailed me back within ten minutes asking for a resume. I say I chanced to fill it out because the email was in my Junk folder and I normally would not have even looked closely at it. But since I did, the hiring agent and I have been emailing back and forth through the day trying to determine if the interest is justified on both our parts. It has been a good while since anyone has followed up on an application I submitted.

I had one conversation with a gentleman this morning who is already in the same business I am and though I did not get to sell anything, I go to be an encouragement to him. I will follow up next week to see if he got to use the information I sent him. I have an appointment set up for Monday already and expect to get several more as the weekend unfolds. Things are looking up but not enough to call it a success yet.
Mama and I have had to be careful as we put our shoes on lately. I have not had the trouble to the extent that she had but we both have had to pull our feet out of boots and shoes to dump out some unwanted visitor. Mine have been ants and beetles. I can deal with that. Hers have been toads. The first time she shoved her foot into one nestled in the toe of her shoe, she screamed so loudly the dogs ran away.

Now she takes the time to check.


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