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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Job interview, a good evening, leaving, coaching

I got a call as Nate and I worked at the church yesterday from a company I have been referred to several times by our financial planner. It is an education/training provider officed here is Decatur. The first referral was shortly after I was laid off - almost a year ago. Thought Mama and I were quite excited about the prospect nothing came of it at that time. However, yesterday they called me to set up a phone interview for a job that I had not applied for; a far better one than I had applied for. 

The interview is set up for Monday morning. It is a phone interview only so I am assuming I will have to score pretty high marks on that interview to progress to a face to face interview - should that happen. It is interesting that almost a year later, I have a chance at a job with a company I would really like to work for and a position that I would really love to have. I told the secretary, when she called, that I would love to opportunity to interview for the job but it would be very helpful if she could send me the job posting so I could better prepare for the conversation with the hiring manager. She laughed and sent it over before we finished talking.

Last night was such a pleasant evening that we kindled a nice sized fire and made smores. It did not work out well for me because something I ate really worked me over for the next several hours. Maybe I should have spit out the 85% cocoa Mama gave me to try. She did but I did not think it manly to show any disgust. I chewed it and swallowed it; disgusting or not. The kids all played ladder ball in the back yard but they had a hard time keeping Savanna from climbing the “ladders” and interrupting their game. The dogs,on the other hand, were pretty quick to learn that the two balls attached by a string were not being tossed back and forth for their pleasure. We kept the fire going well into the evening because it was just cool enough to make it a good warmth and just smokey enough to keep the bugs at bay.

Nate, Cori and the kids left this morning. Mama called the school and asked to come in a little later than normal so she could see them off. It was not necessarily a slow, lazy morning, but it was not a mad rush either. They were in no hurry to get on the road. The kids were in no hurry to get back into the vehicle and leave the farm and Mama and I were not going to rush them at all. So, it turned into a steady morning of loading their vehicle, double checking the house for forgotten items and getting everyone into the proper attire for the trip ahead. We prayed with them, said our long goodbyes and Mama and I headed to the church; her to work at the school and me to work on the internet at the church. (I blew through my monthly allowance trying to download a program on my Mac.) They arrived safely at their destination a couple hours later and were excited about the mission’s house they will be staying in for the remainder of the week.

I had another coaching session this morning - another reason to have good internet access. It went well. I got a few more needed insights to further fine tune my business. Little by little I feel I am gaining a grounded understanding of what exactly I need to be doing to make this work. And little by little I actually see it working. Now if I could conquer the autoresponder program I will have all the basics working in tandem. 

It is one of those ready-fire-aim ventures.


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