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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Interview? Weather, the museum

I had my “interview” with Amazon this morning. It was more like being run through a cattle chute than an interview, but it was an impressive process to watch. I was seated with about thirty candidates and when our turn came we were lined up and processed through a quick registration of sorts to allow us to get logged into the hiring program Amazon uses. Once we got those papers we were seated at a computer and put through three or four batteries of questions that were all personality evaluations of one sort or another. If those three or four queries were completed to the satisfaction of the programming each candidate was either sent to the next section or told to have a great day and processed out.

If the assessments allowed you to move forward you were offered a job at that time (via a note on the screen) and moved to the next part of the process; getting an employee number assigned, a badge ID photo taken and seated at yet another computer to fill out a 1099 form - for tax accounting purposes. Each of us had to make a shift selection from four possible schedules all of which included at least one weekend day. I chose Tuesday through Saturday 7:30 to 5:30. Then we were lined up once more and taken to a training room and shown a video about the fulfillment center while we held a cotton swab in our mouths for ten minutes. That swab was then packaged and sent off for drug testing. The results of which we will know in one to two weeks. At that time successful candidates will be scheduled for an orientation and formally offered a position. The whole process took about two hours.

The pay was not outstanding but the company seems to have a focus on accommodating those who are willing to adapt and become productive. They have a great compensation plan outside of the base pay and some of the best immediate benefits I have ever seen offered. Should that be the only option I have when they call I will go to work for them. I am not sure how the finances will work out if that is all the income I am able to generate, but we will manage. In my career I have done some pretty disgusting jobs for less money - and no benefits.

That took all my morning. By the time I got back to the farm the clouds were gathering pretty heavily and even though Mama had assured me there was only a small chance of rain it rained anyway. That started a little bit after I got home and continued for a couple hours on and off until we had gotten about an inch total before it cleared off. I am not sure just where else it rained because it was dry at Victoria’s house when we went there to take care of the chickens and Decatur never got a drop. I know that because when I called Mama she must have thought I did not know what I was talking about when I said it was raining. Fortunately, I had plenty of verifiable proof.

Tomorrow we will go to the small Creation Museum nearby. It will be an all day affair with services to follow that evening that will finalize our conference. It has been fun so far.


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