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Friday, September 16, 2016

The appointment that wasn’t, the one that won’t be, getting close

I arrived at the Amazon recruiting office on time this morning only to find that the email was yet another note to get me to sign up for the application process. After I explained myself to the attendants there and showed them the email I had gotten, they understood the confusion but there was nothing any of us could do about it. The next email I will be looking for is a specific invitation to attend and orientation class. So, I headed to Costco which turned out to be only about three miles down the road from the airport area where the fulfillment center is located. I had to order a Costco cake for the birthdays we are going to jointly celebrate next week. It has been a very long time since we have done the Costco cake for a birthday.

When I got back to the farm I got on the tractor for an hour and mowed some more of the barn lot pasture. We are anticipating getting the cows back late this month or early into October. While they are over there we are not having to feed them and they are getting fat and happy on just pasture grass. So I am in no particular hurry to have them back. Mama, however, is afraid that only Daisy will recognize her when we get them back and she will have to start the familiarization process from scratch. Such are the hardships of the farm.

When I got back inside and began to work on emails I noticed I had received three from Amazon. Sure enough, one of the three was the orientation invite, but the two others were notifications of a shift change. I had originally selected a day shift that went from Wednesday to Saturday; five ten hour shifts. No problem. The new shift assignment was for the same days of the week but for 6:30 pm to 5:00 a.m. I am afraid I will have to pass on that. I have too many years experience working nights and the truth is that when a person is on the night shift there is little to nothing else they are able to do daily - except survive. Added to that is the turnaround to a normal schedule on days off only to go back on nights again; round and round and round. Been there. I withdrew my application.

Does he really want a job? you may be asking. The answer is yes. I do want a job but I am not willing to sell my life to am employer on an hourly basis to the exclusion of all the things that make my life worthwhile. I will willing commit to selling my time to an employer if that employment fits with what I need to be doing with my life right now. There needs to be a balance between who I am, what I am committed to doing and what hours, days, months and years of my life I am willing to surrender to someone for a paycheck. I can only pray that the Lord has something better in mind than for me to forgo my commitments simply to spend my life in pursuit of a check that does not even meet our budget.

Our weary travelers should be here by early evening; projected time is 6 pm. We will be ready when they do get here. Cori asked of we would have something ready for dinner - nothing fried - when they do get in so I have some rotisserie chickens in the crock pot and Mama is picking up sweet potatoes to go with that. Hopefully that will do. We will have to get together on a meal schedule as soon as possible. I would do one but I have no idea what the grandchildren will eat.

Mama has agonized over sleeping arrangements. The grandchildren like to have someone nearby when they sleep and the adults after need the living room after the young ones are put to bed. I think they sort of finalized it all last night but it si an evolving situation. We will adapt as needed when our little plan falls through.

Tomorrow should be quite a day.


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