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Friday, October 21, 2016

Disappointment, possibility for Victoria, Norman

I spent the day at the church hoping to use the internet there to help me upload a spreadsheet from Victoria’s computer to one of my online programs but she did not have the necessary software on her computer to allow me to do what I needed. I have been hindered loading a spreadsheet created in Mac proprietary software into the database I need to get it into. I can load a very simplified version but it does not allow me to add columns used as identifiers. I will try from home on the older Mac I have there to see if it will do what I need. Otherwise, I will work with the limited version for now. In some ways I am on hold with my little business until I can stabilize my own income but I am actually getting some money from the business. So this little setback is not debilitating.

Since that was what I had taken the day to accomplish it was a little disappointing to fail. But I did get to use the faster service to research a couple items I have been putting off. When my Mom passed away she had donated her body to science. In doing so she spared us the expense of a normal burial and all the related costs. Mama and I are intrigued by the idea. Why add the expense and cumbersome coordination of a traditional burial - casket, burial plot, etc - to leaving this world? So I took the time to research organizations that do that for people. It was interesting to see just how many organizations provide that service. It will still take some time to do the reviews and make the calls to whichever one we choose but it will complete our estate planning; something Mama and I are committed to do. It is one of those unpleasant tasks that if not completed makes things difficult for those who have to pick up the pieces of final arrangements left unfinished.

Also, since I was at the church to have lunch with Mama I got to talk at length with Zach Burns - our assistant pastor and principal at the school. He is interested in Victoria’s house. It will be an uphill battle to convince his wife it is a good idea, but he and I got to crunch some numbers so he could see both the overall costs as well as the ongoing monthly costs while in the process of completing the remodel. I got the sense that it was all pretty overwhelming but he is still very interested in at least considering the purchase. He and his family will be looking at the house tomorrow. That will be the telltale moment for his wife. Many buyers - men and women included - lack the vision to see the finished product when the actual physical condition is presently no where close. I have been fortunate in having a wonderful wife with such vision; not to mention trust in me.

Tomorrow Norman will sit down with the owner of the property in Bowie. Grandma and Grandpa have been renting the trailer house for most of the year. (It is the same property they rented before we bought the farm in Bowie.) Now, Norman has approached the owner who is in poor health for the opportunity to lease with the option to buy. 

The outcome of this meeting will determine how easy or how difficult their relocation to Texas will be. They need your prayers.


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