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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Success, Kira and Leo, visiting, visitors

I did finally have a moderate success today in both of the internet programs I have been working in; a landing page builder and an autoresponder program. I have been steadily working on getting comfortable with both for about a month now and today I was able to see the payoff for all the effort. My ultimate goal was to have a good enough working knowledge of both programs that when I started working full time it would take me less than an hour per day to get everything done that is required to keep this little business operational and hopefully, profitable. I remember years ago when my mom was taking a logic course in college that when she completed the final and graduated the class with a solid C, she said she felt like she had fought and slain Goliath. I am almost there.

Mama and I took Kira to the Cantrell’s so Leo and she could get together. Last time the time together resulted in eleven pups - all of which sold quickly. In fact, we have ongoing emails and Facebook posts from several of the buyers of the pups from that litter. None of us can be certain what will come of this breeding but we all have our differing levels of expectation. I am just hoping to raise the pups somewhere other than the sunroom of the house. Victoria and I will be going back tomorrow to pick Kira up. Her “Mommy” is worried about leaving her too long. And we all hope to limit the litter size by shortening the conjugal visit.

We spent the time visiting with Kimberlyn and it was time well spent - especially for her. She is a very good friend to Mama and they have been apart too long. I have found that phone conversations are only a limited stopgap for women who do far more visiting when they are face to face. I personally think is is because being in a person’s presence allows then to both talk at the same time thereby doubling up on the topics covered. Normally, when two men are taking at the same time they are arguing. When two women are talking at the same time they are conserving time; whether in agreement or not. If two women are silent in each other’s presence it is time for one of them to go home.

Such was not the case tonight. This was one of those times that we needed to allow someone to talk freely until they were finished. There is little we can do to help be we listened, we prayed and we cared. From this time on we will be far more earnest in our prayers for her and her husband and the burdens they have silently borne. It is amazing how little we know about each other’s needs because we are unwilling to share those needs in a way that will allow others to take up the yolk of our cares and bear them together with us.

On our way home, on our little county road actually, Mama and I herded two little bucks down the road. They stayed in our headlights trying to decide where to go until we got close to the house - where Sam and Sasha were. I finally turned off the high beams so that the bucks could see the fence they needed to leap over. Mama was  not initially sure they could clear the fence but they showed off for her had handily and gracefully bounded over into the field beside us. Their grace is always amazing. 

I wonder if that is why they are so tasty?


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