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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Making the most of the day, confirmations at work, traveling

When I got in this morning both of the ladies I work with had had rough evenings and nights. What I found out later is that the morning was rough for each of them because of the drinking they had done the night before. Can’ t feel too sorry for them but it did make for an interesting morning as both of them traded faces about the interruptions, the calls, the background noise, the headaches, etc. I introduced the two of them to the concept of making the most of the day. So when one asked for a hot sauce for a burrito she had bought for breakfast, the other pulled out a large bag of Taco Bell sauces. I asked her if she had robbed a Taco Bell.If we should be looking out for the authorities. That just started the two of them going. But it improved their morning.

Early in the day I had another meeting with my boss and her boss, the man who hired me. In that meeting we discussed how I could take over some if not all of the training the sales staff was now doing. This would free them up to do more in the sales line of the business. I am more than okay with that idea. I am just not sure what all it will eventually entail but I have confidence that I would be watched over to ensure I did not get overwhelmed by taking too much on. It would involve travel but again, I am not sure to what extent. What I do know is that it would not start until January. That gives me time to put the pieces together. 

At church last night Sam Echeveria and I went over the portion of a play the choir will be doing for Christmas this year. Even though the time is short - less than eight weeks - he feels it is doable. I have to concur as long as we have the musicians, actors and choir members to support the effort. Lately we have gotten a few new participants in the choir but I am still praying for more. It is a good ministry. An easy an fun way to really impact the services on Sunday. I enjoy leading the choir but I feel I have so little talent for it that it is sometimes a little intimidating. But we keep going; until the Lord brings someone along who has the skills to do the leading more capably than I do. When and if that happens, I will still enjoy being in the choir.

I will be traveling to Chappell Hill this weekend to meet again with my siblings as we finalize distribution of the remaining items in the big house. It will be another sad time but needful none the less. I hope to limit the amount of things I have to bring back to the farm but I will do what I have to do to help Martha get job done. This will not be the last trip but it should be the last one where I take the trailer to haul things back. 

I plan on seeing Dad sometime Saturday. I will not know how to work that out until I get there but I am looking forward to the visit.


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