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Friday, October 14, 2016

Prep time, travel, work day

This morning was spent in preparation for Mama and I to go to Chappell Hill so we could help my sister Martha get the house that Mom and Dad had lived in for thirty or more years ready for sale. The pending closing is set for mid-November but there is still quite a bit of work to get done both inside the large house and in the adjacent buildings - which also have to be emptied before the  sale. In order to the ready to travel I had to get the animals prepared for a lesser volume of care since Victoria will be working tomorrow and Mama and I will be gone; making sure the waterers and feeders were full for the chickens at our farm and at Victoria’s house, giving Victoria instruction on how and when to feed the pigs and goats and where to collect the eggs from the errant Bantam chickens who have decided that the nesting boxes they have used for months are no longer suitable places to lay. It was a fun morning for us both - she was off today.

Early on in the morning I logged into the “back office”of my internet business and was very pleasantly surprised to see that my sales have gone from one to four overnight. All from an email I sent out yesterday morning. That was very good news. It still is not a whole lot but it is good to see the efforts yield fruit. Speaking of which, I did not water the trees and shrubs this morning because we were promised a very high chance of rain that never came. Now the plants will have to wait until Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. More than likely Monday morning.

Mama and I took 4 1/2 hours to travel to Chappell Hill. I have made better time but that usually happens when I am by myself. Those times are discounted because I like having Mama with me - even if it does take longer. But we made the trek without incident - not that Mama did not see many opportunities for an incident to take place. We were traveling with the trailer so I could have it available to move things while we are here and to haul items back home so that they are no longer in the house here.

We took time to see Dad right after we got here, which was about 6:30 pm. When we got to the care unit where Dad is staying it was 7 pm and he was sitting in his room on the little couch he has there - just about asleep. When we came in and Mama turned on the light he perked up and said, “Good morning.” To him, with day and night,  one is the same as the other except that days tends to be more crowded…but I doubt that even that registers. He is less cognitive than last month when Brittany and I were here. In a way he was anxious for us to go because it is nearly impossible for him to put any thoughts into words. It was a sad visit bit overall he seems content. We prayed with him before we left. That always seems to register with him in a way nothing else does.

Tomorrow Mama and I will work until about 2 or 3 o’clock and then head back home. Martha and I laid out a tentative plan for where I should concentrate my efforts but I am hoping to get more done than she is expecting.

We will see how that works out.


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