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Monday, October 10, 2016

Feed shopping, better, FBI, old pics

I dropped Mama off at the church this morning so I could keep the Sequoia. Since I am still awaiting my start date I still have the time to go to Muenster to get feed. This morning may represent my last opportunity to do that during the day for a while. Not that that is a bad thing. It is one of the little changes we will have to adapt to when I start my 9-5 routine - and Mama keeps her day job. We will figure it out as we go but we will still have to find a way to get the feed when needed and if we want to continue getting it from the same supplier, we will find a way to accommodate that need. Others do; so will we. Maybe larger purchases less often, provided we have a place to keep the stored feed away from the squirrels and rats and mice - and moisture.

I am feeling a bit better. I am still wrestling with a persistent cough - not as badly as I have in past bronchitis episodes. At least I can make it through the night without waking up strangling or have to sit up to cough the spasm out. I should be clear soon. I was talking this last episode through with Mama to see if we could come up with a triggering event but we did not stumble upon one. I have resigned myself to getting back on the herbs that will help be deal with a weak respiratory system and see if I can get some longterm relief from these repeated illnesses. One thing is certain - at least in my mind - I am in a better climate here than I was in either New Jersey or West Virginia.

We are now in week nine of FBI so our first test is only four weeks away - and it looks like it will be a difficult one. I say that because study sheets are provided for each test and this study sheet is packed with place/name/order matching sequences. Those are difficult but you can usually use the process of elimination to get the ones you can’t fully remember. The questions I like least are the true/false. (Another large section of the test.) Although most are pretty clear, there are always a few that make you unsure; the ones you go back to your notes to verify as soon as you turn in the test. Mama, Victoria and I normally make very high marks, but when the perfect score is 103 and I make a 100, it irritates me that I cannot figure out what I missed. Still it has been a great experience to take these classes/lectures. We are now closing in on the end of the fourth semester of six. When it is completed we will be wondering what to do with all out Monday nights and the Bible Degree it will give us.

I am enclosing some pictures from when Nate, Cori and the kids were here last month. It was an overwhelmingly busy time and Victoria was taking pictures and videos throughout that time. These are some of the ones she got to me today. We were enjoying a picnic dinner outside while the kids played follow the leader on the stumps we use as seating around the fire pit.

Fortunately the evening turned cool enough that we could really enjoy the evening.


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