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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Homework, a little sick, tricky repairs, Maggie’s news

I got my homework assignments from my new employer this morning. I had to go home to get the paperwork printed out because I do not have that capability at the church. It was not a lot of printing but the HR person who had sent the forms over asked that I have them back to her by the end of business today. I have to admit that it has been a long tome since I have had to fill in forms by hand - outside of a doctor’s office. Mama and I took the forms over to the office as soon as she was out of school this afternoon. Since I do not know anyone on the office I walked to the one area I had been shown - where I will be working - and asked for guidance. I did find the right office but the person I was looking for was outside taking a 15 minute walk; a routine kept by all office personnel. I was not the most presentable but I found her and introduced myself none the less.

I was not presentable, somewhat, because it is Wednesday and I have not shaved since Monday evening. I was also dressed in farm clothes. But what really made me less presentable is that I have been fighting bronchitis for several days now. I thought I was not going to make it through the song service Sunday evening because of the cough that was just starting - a real issue when you are the person leading the song service. But I did make it. I did not make it tonight. I had to pass the leadership off to someone else, but I got to let the pastor know about it this afternoon so he was not taken by surprise. I hated to miss the service tonight because we have a missionary with us for this service. 

When I came home to print out the forms Grandpa and Grandma were there. Grandpa was giving the tractor a good looking over to see if there were any issues I had not noticed. That is always appreciated. So, since he was available, I asked for his help getting the new wiper blades installed on the Sequoia. I had started to do it but quickly backed away when I could not figure out how to get the old wiper blades off without breaking something. I felt a little better when I took Grandpa about fifteen minutes to figure it out. Getting the right fittings to install the new ones took even longer. We tried to follow the directions but were not getting things to work for about a half hour when Grandpa found a part that had fallen to the floor when we opened the case containing the new blades and adapters. With that discovery we were able to get the new blade on in just a few minutes. The second one took no time at all. Like working with Nate to get the oil and filter changed, it was a learning experience.

Maggie called today to tell me and Mama that Aaron had found out about his new duty station. I am not sure she has made it public yet so I will not spill the beans but I can say that they got one of the stations on their wish list, just not one of the top three. They will be in the Lower Forty Eight and that will be a blessing when it comes to travel. 

She was happy about the announcement - even though it is still six to eight months away.


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