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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Our “not girls”, more carving photos, babysitting

With Mama and I both working full time jobs the servicing of daily chores on the farm has had to be reworked. Since I have to be dressed in slacks and a nicer shirt in the morning and since it is dark when we get out of bed until about the time I have to ready to go, the burden of the morning feeding has fallen to Mama for the most part. She does not have to be at work until 8:30 which gives her more time - by a little bit anyway. I generally hear about how the morning went when I meet up with her for lunch or sometimes later in the evening when I finally get home. Today was one of those later revelations. 

We were getting ready for church when she began telling me about the Bantams. We leave the door to their coop open so they can roam because they have a small area and the flock is getting pretty large - in number. It was no surprise to hear they have discovered the goat building and the fact that there is usually feed left in the dish we feed the billy’s out of. She was telling me that she was concerned about the hens getting that food since our chickens are on a particular diet to ensure they lay eggs made with organic feed vs the processed feed normally sold. It was the “not girls” that she was not worried about. “The not girls?” I asked. She realized what she had said and told me she could not think of the word rooster. So now, on our farm, we have girls and not-girls.

Victoria watched the Echeveria from last night through church time today. That is always an interesting time when we have them overnight. The burden of those babysitting times has fallen exclusively to her - again, since Mama and I are both working. It was especially difficult for her this time because she is hurting. When she and Gracie were playing the other day, Gracie suddenly shifted her weight to Victoria as Victoria was crouched down and it pulled out her back pretty badly. That was on Sunday. It is now Wednesday and the pain has only gotten worse and is radiating through her legs into her feet. It is time to get help but with her work schedule she has not had the time yet. Her one day off was spent in keeping the kids - a full time job for anyone. Pray for her to get better. She is too young to have a hurting back.

I have included a few more photos of our pumpkin carving - taken as we were actually carving the gourds.


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