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Monday, October 3, 2016

The interviews, eaves dropping

I had the pleasure of sitting for a phone interview this morning. The time was originally set for 9 a.m. but I had no sooner arrived at the church to set up my computer when I got the call. That portion of the interview lasted a good half hour. The interviewer, Vincent Spadafora, Head of Sales for Energy World Net, was very pleasant to talk with and he seemed genuinely interested in me so I was not overly surprised when he asked if I had time to meet for a face to face interview later in the day. (I would learn later that the person who had recently left the position I was interviewing for had done so because her husband had been transferred by the company he worked for.)

We set the second interview for 2 pm. I was thinking I would be through in plenty of time to meet Mama as school dismissed at 3 pm. That was not the case. He and I talked until a little before 3 pm and then he called the president of the company to see if he had any further questions for me. That lasted another half hour but the conversation was very engaging so it did not seem that it took that much time. In the end, I was instructed that I will have  profile to complete to identify my strengths and weaknesses and fill out a couple writing assignments for them to evaluate. I should have that done tomorrow - providing I get the assignments early in the day - so we will see where it goes from there. It was encouraging overall.

They are a small company set up here in Decatur that delivers a variety of training services and platforms for the energy sector; electrical companies, oil and gas companies, etc. I really liked what I learned about the company in general and found the people I talked to were easy to converse with. I do not think I will have a problem working with this company if they should hire me. And from what I heard initially, I am a very good fit for multiple areas of need so the job assignment will not be overly focused nor in any way dull. Mama and I are pretty excited about the opportunity. No one has mentioned compensation, but that is not a deal breaker for me. Our immediate needs are pretty small. We have set ourselves up to live off of less than a quarter of what I was making with ConocoPhillips so any amount over that will be a pleasure to have and an answer to prayer.

I have to share the story of a conversation I overheard when I was in iCopy Friday. I had taken my spiral bound hymnal to have it repaired and rebound. I was very impressed by the work that they did. But I had to wait a good bit of time because the computers were acting up so I got to listen to a conversation nearby. A very average older woman - not extremely heavy but definitely not voluptuous - was at the counter talking to an employee behind the counter. From bits of the conversation, I gathered that she knew the employee pretty well. As they talked a much younger woman - quite pretty and dressed in tight fitting jeans and a sweater-type shirt to show off her figure - got up from a desk behind the counter and walked from there to the back of the store. The customer casually remarked to the employee, “I look like that.” The male employee smiled at her and said, “You look like that?”  

“I sure do”, she replied. “I just keep it all wrapped up so it don’t get scratched.”


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