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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Home, visitors, storms

I stayed home today partly because I felt bad and partly because I wanted to get a few things done around the farm. I rested a little more since I was at home than I would have if I was at the church. So that helped some. But I am still feeling poorly. Even with that I took time out from the computer to pull both screen doors on the coop and cut each of them to make them more functional. The screen door on the east side would not open all the way; it hit the rafter about half open. The door on the west side dragged against the floor as you closed it. So I shortened both of them so they would fit under the rafters when fully opened and not scrape the floor at any point in that travel. Mama was well pleased. I also reinstalled the knobs on one door so Mama had them to grab to operate the door from either side. It’s the little things.

I straightened up the pig pen where the grandkids had dragged all kinds of sticks and small boards into the shelter while they used it as a fort. I also had to move out some pallets they had dragged out from under the old portion of the shelter. I rearranged the walls and moved the sleeping quarters from the south side of the pen to the west side in the hopes that it would not be as wet. When we had significant rain the south side of the pen would accumulate a lot of water so it would get soupy as the pigs stomped through it continually. Maybe the relocation of the shelter will help with that. We should be able to test that theory tonight since we are supposed to get a good deal of rain. Of course we have no pigs to fully test the theory but we are hoping to look at some this Saturday ay Trade Days in Bowie.

We had visitors at the farm tonight. The Lukes came to see the farm and to pick up some eggs. Mama was supposed to bring eggs to church for over a week now and we just have not remembered. So they combined a visit with the pickup. Their little one loved the house, the farm and all the dogs. He is an eighteen month old who is not out of home very often but you would not have been able to see that with the way he took off on his own - in the house and out in various areas we took him to on the farm. He loved the goats and they seemed to really enjoy petting them. The goats would follow him around and nibble on his cloths when they could get a way with it. He did not seem the least bit concerned. His parents were delighted. They stayed late into the evening. It was a good visit.

When we were outside as the Lukes were leaving you could see the lightening streaking across the sky. Right now our dusk to dawn light is out so the light show was even more pronounced. I was supposed to call today to get the repair on the light scheduled. I forgot. It was not on my list. It is on my list for tomorrow. 

For now, we are enjoying the enhanced ability to see the stormy show.


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